Insane Murderer or Fighting Revolutionary?

This is an interesting story I read in an older Economist Magazine:

“A Chinese man who killed six unarmed police officers in Shanghai can hardly be surprised to find himself of death row. But he might be taken aback by the popular sympathy for his plight. So might the authorities: the case has become an embarrassment.

Mr. Yang’s standing was bolstered by internet rumors-denied by the police- that he was beaten up by officers when he was detained last year for riding an unlicensed bicycle. Many also criticized the secrecy in which the first trial was held and an apparent conflict of interest: Mr. Yang’s lawyer was giving advice to the local government responsible for the murdered policemen.”

Sure, murder is bad but what I found interesting about this article is that this man would have been labeled by the government just as a crazy man. Maybe even a crazy man against Communism and this may well be true and the rumor about the bike could be untrue. What is important here is that if this is true then the man is getting his story heard. The massive explosion of the Internet in China is giving the Chinese a place to speak freely. Sure, it isn’t 100% free, but it is more free than before.

Most people would be very upset to be beat up for stupid government regulation by the police. They would most likely sue and attack the government. Since in China there is no real system to do this Mr. Yang took it in his own hands. Right or wrong he was standing up for his rights to defend himself. In a Capitalist society, that is through the judicial system. In a Communist society, you have but no choice but to result to violence.

If Mr. Yang really got beat by the authorities for riding an unregulated bike, then all he was doing was standing up his right to exert punishment on the unpunishable. So this begs the question, in a society that is full of totalitarian police force dictators how can you defeat them without resorting to their own tactics?


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