Welcome to Redtape, America: California Gas Regulations

This from the Pasadena Star-News:

Dozens of gas stations around California are choosing to shut down rather than comply with a state mandate that would require owners to purchase new equipment to reduce vapor emissions at the pump.The requirement, known as Phase II in the state’s Enhanced Vapor Recovery Program, is set to go into effect in April. It requires gas station owners to individually purchase tens of thousands of dollars of equipment designed to prevent harmful vapors from escaping into the air when gasoline is pumped.

But smaller retailers say that the requirement puts an unfair burden on businesses that don’t sell enough gasoline to offset the extra cost – and that don’t contribute much to the problem in the first place.”

This is the thing that people do not understand. As it sounds good to have this bill on the book and it makes people feel good about the environment, all they really are doing is creating massive red tape and putting someone out of business. All of this is during a time in when people are already losing their jobs.

The Public Choice side of is that no only is the state raising the costs and therefore the prices, but they are reducing competition. I am sure he big business gas stations love this because it puts the little local gas stations out of business. Now environmentalists are usually against corporations, but little do they know they are contributing to a state granted monopoly.

The rest is here.


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