Immigration can fix our economy!

The author of the book The World is Flat has written an interesting article that takes a very different approach then we are seeing today to fix the current financial crisis. His is immigration:

BANGALORE, India: Leave it to a brainy Indian to come up with the cheapest and surest way to stimulate our economy: immigration.

“All you need to do is grant visas to 2 million Indians, Chinese and Koreans,” said Shekhar Gupta, editor of The Indian Express newspaper.

“We will buy up all the subprime homes. We will work 18 hours a day to pay for them. We will immediately improve your savings rate – no Indian bank today has more than 2 percent nonperforming loans, because not paying your mortgage is considered shameful here. And we will start new companies to create our own jobs and jobs for more Americans.”

While his tongue was slightly in cheek, Gupta and many other Indian business people I spoke to this week were trying to make a point that sometimes non-Americans can make best:

“Dear America, please remember how you got to be the wealthiest country in history. It wasn’t through protectionism, or state-owned banks or fearing free trade. No, the formula was very simple: Build this really flexible, really open economy, tolerate creative destruction so dead capital is quickly redeployed to better ideas and companies, pour into it the most diverse, smart and energetic immigrants from every corner of the world and then stir and repeat, stir and repeat, stir and repeat, stir and repeat.”

I have personally thought that open borders was a good idea in all cases, but I will now have to add this to a list of short-term advantages. Some of the others are competitive labor, freedom from coersion from other countries, and less red tape. The rest of this article should be read.

The rest is here.


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