The People’s Stimulus: Get Your Money Back

I usually do not post videos but this this one is too good and I may possibly be getting more out of it then most. First, I found it funny that the guy made a case for the government to have his money and then he said he could spend it better. The second thing, the part that I thought of, is that even these huge Obama supporters like this idea. This is how bad the Republican party is about getting out their message. When a person with a camera can convince people tax cuts are good but a politician with the media and staff cannot. Now of course I know it is too late and that it isn’t an election year and therefore Republican won’t do it but they should at least try.


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  1. Will the stimulus bill compromise lower your tax rebate to $8 per week? That appears to be true. The final version has not been passed, but reports indicate the $500 per year in reduced tax withholding has been reduced to $400 per individual and $800 per couple. That only comes to $8 per week for an individual and $16 for a couple. If they start the payments in June and make it retroactive to the beginning of the year, you will get $13 per week until next January. Then, your rebate would drop to the $8 per week level. Are you felling stimulated yet? In a stimulus bill of almost $1 trillion dollars, you would think President Obama would have more for the working class.

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