Something to look forward in our journey towards Socialism

From Reuters:

“A Berlin cashier who was sacked from a supermarket after 31 years of service because her employer accused her of stealing 1.30 euros ($1.65) has become a flash point of a debate about unchecked capitalism in Germany.

Leaders of Germany’s major political parties criticized the supermarket’s decision to fire Barbara Emme, especially because the 50-year-old who has become a German cause celebre denies the charges that she kept bottle deposit receipts worth 1.30 euros.

Wolfgang Thierse, vice president of parliament and member of the Social Democrats, on Thursday called a court decision on Tuesday that upheld the cashier’s sacking “barbaric” and warned cases like this “destroy people’s confidence in democracy.”

Horst Seehofer, leader of the Christian Social Union, said the case raised questions about capitalism, which has come under attack in Germany in the wake of the global financial crisis.

“I don’t understand how a cashier can be fired because of 1.30 euros while managers who lose billions of euros can keep their jobs,” Seehofer told a rally in Bavaria on Wednesday.”

This is the socialist nanny-state at it’s best. First, we have people getting upset about someone getting fired. Like it is any of their business. Second, the cashier got fired for stealing but that person is being defended because the managers of corporations are losing money. We are not saying it is social justice to steal from your employer. If America continues the policy of bailing people out and believing that it is your right to a house, car, job, healthcare, retirement insurance etc. this is where we will end up.


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