Central Planning and Relationships

Sometimes on this blog, I post random stuff that I think about and this is one of those times. Many of us know the argument against central planning an economy. One of the best arguments is that what the central planning wants and what you want may be completely different. It is also impossible for him to know what you want because sometimes you do not even know what you want. So how does this all relate to relationships?

When people are in the dating world, there is a huge informational problem. In fact, the new movie “He’s just not that in to you…” is based upon that very fact. Some people do not know what they want, while others know what they want but do not know if the other person wants it too. People in the dating world get hurt all the time. Breakups and cheating are all a part of this. Somewhat comparable to product information problems in the market. This usually calls for a common argument for central planning, which is that you are a lonely innocent fish in a pond full of sharks. Sharks being the profit greedy corporations.

Central planned dating sounds completely ridiculous but many cultures today still have a system of arranged marriages. Arrange marriages were definitely put in place because the father of the family thought he knew what was better for his son or daughter than themselves. Most of the western world has moved away from this and we accept the information problems because at least the choice is upon us. We realize that many of the problems that central planned arranged marriages have. These are, for example, being matched up with someone horrible or someone you never fall in love with. We have decided even though our father picking our spouse would take care of all the dating problems, we still do not turn to this system.

In the marketplace, less emphasis is put on the choice. This may have to do with that we have not had a complete socialized system, so unlike arranged marriages we do not know all the costs. You would hear very few people making the argument today for arranged marriages, even though some jokingly do so in times of trouble. It has become a television hit for friends to make pacts that “if we are not married by age ___ (usually ranges from 30-40) then let’s get married.” The idea is nobody wants to be alone, just like nobody wants to be burned in the marketplace. So with socialism you would prevent people from being burn with bad choices and with relationship socialization you would prevent broken hearts. In your attempt to protect people from breaking their hearts, you never allow them to find true love. That is not a chance people willing to take.

Even with all of it’s faults people choose freedom in dating over central planning.



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