Congress Complaining about a Monopoly they created?

This from Politico:

“[Rep. Mark Kirk] has written a letter — which within the last week has drawn 47 co-signers — to be sent to the architect of the Capitol, decrying the CVC’s new stance that only the Red Coats are allowed to offer Capitol tours. Before, congressional staffers were allowed to offer tours, as well. Not anymore.

This has created a huge problem in that there’s a backlog of people waiting for tours, as the online schedule fills up quickly, which means constituents have been going without. And that means MoCs are ticked. They don’t need to look unnecessarily bad because they can’t offer their voters a tour of the Capitol. “We’re headed for a spring break and summer train wreck,” Kirk rants, adding that the $600M CVC was paid for by the very people who are being denied tours.

“What’s happening is the Red Coats have aggregated a power to themselves never before granted, saying we are the exclusive provider of access for the people’s Capitol, and then they turn around and say, ‘There’s no room for you.’” Also, Kirk adds in disgust, “they only work six hours a day!”

Finally, the government is getting a taste of their own medicine. It used to be that every Congressman and woman could allow their interns to give tours of the Capitol building. It seems with the new Capitol Visitor Center only the red coated workers are allowed to. The problems with government monopoly are usually lower work hours, less work, and huge consumer dissatisfaction.


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