If only we could solve the credit crisis with good looks…

This from Reuters:

“A credit score can tell a lender a lot about a prospective borrower, but so can the borrower’s looks, a new study says.

People who are perceived to be trustworthy are more likely to have a higher credit score and pay lower interest rates on loans, and are less likely to default, according to the study by Rice University in Houston, Texas.

Even when hard facts such as credit scores are available, people rely on an assessment of trustworthiness to decide whether to make a loan.

“It turns out that if you look trustworthy, you’re more likely to get a loan,” said Jefferson Duarte, a professor of real estate finance at Rice University, one of the study’s authors.”

I am feeling correlation doesn’t mean causation here. That means that good looks do not cause good credit scores just as much as good credit scores do not cause good looks. If this was true then you could solve the whole credit problem and there would be no need for credit scores. You would just hire a sample of people to rate the looks of the person wanting the loan and problem solved.



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