California T.V. Nazis are they in violation of the Constitution?

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“The California Energy Commission is proceeding with a proposal this summer to ban the sale of TV sets that do not meet new efficiency standards when they are turned on and displaying a picture — a measure of power consumption that is not currently regulated at all.

But the market and technological advances may already be advancing this goal, as large-screen plasma sets fall out of favor and LCDs become more energy efficient.

The CEC proposal is set up as a two-tiered system. The first enforces efficiency standards beginning in 2011 and would save 3,831 gigawatt hours (and bring down overall TV energy consumption by 33%) by placing a cap on the active mode power usage (in watts) of individual TVs. Current standards in California only regulate TVs in standby mode, at a cap of 3.0 watts.”

First, this state has their own car standards, then their own food standards and now they will be banning televisions. It is true that these T.V.’s use more energy than others but the idea is that people pay their bills on how much they use. If the market is not interfered by the government and as long as the people are not stealing the energy then it should be fine. Instead, it is being used as a tool to regulate anything and everything.

The second, yet still important point is the question; doesn’t this violate the Constitution under the interstate commerce laws. I support federalism and allow states to adopt their own rules but if you imagine that in California the “green T.V. company” had a factory and in say Nevada it was the non-green T.V. This would mean that the prices of “green T.V.’s would go up because of a less competitive market.

The rest is here.


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