More tolls, Let’s Privatize!

This from the Washington Times:

“Virginia currently has several toll systems set up, including the 14-mile Dulles Toll Road in Fairfax County, but Mr. Howell said more expansive efforts could lead to more state revenue and provide a potential replacement for the gas tax, which he referred to as a “dinosaur” funding source.

“We’re talking about leasing the concession to collect the tolls on those roads,” Mr. Howell said. “It can be a tough political argument to make, but it’s an argument worth making because it’s a sound political concept.

Public-private partnerships are becoming increasingly common as states grapple with a national infrastructure in need of repair: Florida is looking to lease a 78-mile toll road known as “Alligator Alley,” while Virginia itself has formed partnerships on projects like the Dulles Rail expansion and a $2 billion plan to install HOT lanes on the Capital Beltway.”

I say why stop there? Let’s privatize all of the roads. Many people complain about the quality of roads in America but nobody ever complains about the walking areas in shopping malls. When you walk from Macy’s to another store, you often do not encounter potholes or construction workers. Sure, you might say that cars put more of a wear and tear on roads than people on walkways.

But the fundamental truth is still there. The company who owns the mall has an incentive to keep problems from happening during working hours. They also have an incentive to make sure that they are always maintained. Of course, malls work differently and they do not have tolls. This is true but with today’s modern technologies it would be very easy to have speed passes that priced different times of the day. As we all know roads are a tragedy of the commons. This means that since is it free for anyone to use the road, everyone will use the road and slow traffic. If you made driver make economic decisions based upon prices in different parts of the day, you would have a more efficient outcome of traffic. I guarantee less congestion.

The rest is here.


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