Texas Threatens to Leave the Union

This from The Huffington Post:

“Texas Gov. Rick Perry fired up an anti-tax “tea party” Wednesday with his stance against the federal government and for states’ rights as some in his U.S. flag-waving audience shouted, “Secede!”

An animated Perry told the crowd at Austin City Hall — one of three tea parties he was attending across the state — that officials in Washington have abandoned the country’s founding principles of limited government. He said the federal government is strangling Americans with taxation, spending and debt.

Perry repeated his running theme that Texas’ economy is in relatively good shape compared with other states and with the “federal budget mess.” Many in the crowd held signs deriding President Barack Obama and the $786 billion federal economic stimulus package.”

This begs the question that if this were to really happen what would Obama do? The basic idea is that the Constitution is suppose to be a social contract. Most normal contracts have exit clauses. The Civil War showed that the Constitution did not have an exit clause. Should there be an exit clause in the Constitution?

Many people like the author of this blog, would argue that the government would stay more limited and work much better as they would have to compete to keep their tax base. Are there any good arguments against allowing secession?

The rest is here.



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