How much does it take to privatize the Post Office?

First this from USA Today:

“The post office was $1.9 billion in the red for the second quarter of the fiscal year and continues to face the possibility of running out of money before year’s end.
The agency cited the recession and movement of mail to electronic communications in announcing the loss on Wednesday.

Postal rates go up on Monday, but the increase — to 44 cents for first-class mail — is unlikely to cover the entire shortfall.

The second quarter loss brings the total loss for the fiscal year — which began Oct. 1 — to $2.3 billion.”

2.3 billion dollars in the red for the post office, are you serious? When is the government going to privatize the post office? As a matter of fact, when is the government going to privatize anything? How much in the red does a program have to go in? Not to mention that most things are electronic now. Do we even need mail? Well if we privatize we would figure it out fast. Especially now that yesterday they raised the price of stamps. This makes even less business sense. They pushed the forever stamps making most people think that the price wasn’t going to be raised. Instead, they might catch a few extra bucks from those last minute letter carriers. As Jimmy Fallon said “email me if you guys can come up with a better way to send communications.”

Mail carriers have just become glorified trash carriers. They transport junk from one place to another. Everytime I go to the mailbox I automatically include the trashcan in my walk. In their defense, they have tried to prevent their downfall though not like normal businesses. Instead they lobbied for a monopoly on fax machines and a tax on emails.


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