Glenn Beck on Tipping

Disclaimer: Glenn Beck  has done a lot for the right wing and has done even more at making sure Mr. Barack Obama is in check everyday. But when someone makes a stupid claim you must keep them in check even if they are your friends. I am currently reading his “Inconvenient Book” and a few things have upset me.

Chapter 13 Gratuities: I’ve Reached My Tipping Point is the title of the chapter and rightfully so. This chapter is full of what is a short rant on tipping in America. Mr. Beck is stressed that tipping has now become apart of a social stigma and that it is a must do. This must do then, supposedly, requires those who receive the tips to slack off. Mr. Beck wants to pay for what he gets: the food.

This is why he is wrong…

Tipping is Capitalism and making a statement like “Business owners, let’s make a deal: You pay your staff, and I’ll pay for the food,” shows a complete misunderstanding of Mr. Beck’s views of a) business and b) economics.

Now tell me, why is it that one works for a service in where they make less than minimum wage? It is simple, because of tips.

What happens if you remove tipping from the equation? Well, believe it or not Glenn, the business owners will have to raise their prices in order to get employees.  In other words, customers will now be paying an automatic 18% more whether they want to or not. Just like businessmen cannot just throw some imaginary windfall profits to the exploited worker as Marx would say, businessmen cannot remove tipping and charge the same prices.

So what does tipping do? Tipping not only allows the customer to have a say on whether service is good or bad but it also signals to the business owner who should be fired and who should be kept with accurate counting. Without tipping, how could you tell? By the number of complaints maybe but the right to tip does not remove the right to complain also.

So where has Mr. Beck’s idea(s) on this been employed? Europe.

When visiting Italy, most will find that a 18% service charge will be included along with sometimes another fee all the way at the bottom of the menu. And believe it or not but the service was both slow and horrible.

Now tell me, if you are out with friends and everyone leaves a nice tip for a nice waiter then what is the problem? If you are out with friends and everyone leaves a nice tip for a bad waiter then the problem is not the “tipping mechanism,” the problem is your friends.

It sounds like Glenn Beck has been having dinner with socialists too long and needs to find a way to stand up and say he is not tipping because the service was bad. It seems odd that he can stand up to Obama and many other politicians on every issue under the sun, but  he can not stand up to his friends when it was clear the service was bad?


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  1. Could not agree with you more! I very much like people to take good care of me. I tip a little more than 20%. The extra couple of dollars wont break me but it sure makes the people taking care of me happy and the service I get on my return visits is incredible

  2. Tipping has become an expected institution. Because it has become expected, many servers have slacked off. I still believe in tipping a good server. What is good? Someone who is freindly, gives me fast service, and is attentive to my needs.
    If I find the person to fulfill all of these requirements, I leave twenty percent.
    I can relate a story that took place in Montreal, Quebeck,Canada. We had a rude waitress who was slack at service, and brash with all of her customers. I her forty dollars expecting ten dollars in change. I would have left her a three dollar tip for her lousy service. She took my money and never came back. I waited patiently for twenty minutes for her to return with change. She never even appeared near the table for me to wave her down. I finally gave in and walked. She smiled and waved at me as I left.
    In a case such as this one, Mr. Beck is absolutely correct.

  3. I don’t agree. I have waited tables for many years of my life. There should be enough of an hourly pay. I do not believe it would take a much higher increase in the food charge on the menu to make up this difference. Bartenders are usually paid a higher rate, cooks are paid a higher rate, as are the bus attendants, and host.
    It may appeal to people entering the food and service business to be paid via a tip, but it might appeal to people to stay in the industry and not look for something else if they are making a consistent income.

  4. I could not agree more!!!

  5. (accidentally entered my post prematurely)

    Its about time some one called out Glen Beck on that massive display of ignorance, especially since tipping is capitalism at its most basic state.

    Although I am left wing, super liberal, unapologetic liberal, as a server I totally understand and respect this dynamic.

    However, I might add that in Europe, the server is generally slower due to the pace at which people eat, Euro diners generally spend at least double the time that Americans do at their tables.

    Furthermore, I must say that although tipping does not exist in France, servers are still fairly dedicated to their craft. Serving is considered a skilled trade within French Gastronomy.

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