Words as Signals and Nothing Else

The old saying goes “A man is only as good as his word.” Wrong, the correct saying is “A man is only as good as his actions.”

Words are simply signals for action. If someone acted like your mortal enemy but said I love you, which side would you err on?

If someone said they were sorry and they did it to you all over again, which side would you err on?

Think of this in a different context: Man asks cute girl on a date. Cute girl says that she will be at coffee shop ‘A’ at 11 am. Man shows up and hours upon hours tick away. The man can see the whole store, so when the girl says later “Oh, I was there. Where were you?” It would’t hold.

Saying that you are somewhere doesn’t make you there and the same goes for love and apologies.

When thinking about politics the key is to say the right things. “Hope, Change, Political Correctness, etc.” But this is completely backwards compared to the rest of society. The whole problem with everything else in the world is getting people to live up to what they say. Or in other words, make people follow their words through with action.

Why is it that human society has based their politics based upon what people said and not what they do? And do not go off yet, it is on both sides.

If someone stated that Congressman Joe Wilson who shouted “you lie” when President Barack Obama stated that his health care plan wouldn’t cover illegal immigrants had in fact supported a previous bill that did, would many of Wilson’s supporters know the real answer?

And I understand that people are rational ignorant when it comes to politics. But why is the equlibrium at what they say? Why isn’t it at zero? Could it be possible that no listening to a politician at all would give people a better chance at guessing what policies they promote? For example, if you ran the experiment, two citizens in 2001. George W. Bush is elected and now we are in 2002. By the end of his administration, who has a better chance of predicting if George W. Bush will support Medicare expansions? The guy who watched the news and listened to the speeches or someone who paid no attention at all?

The obvious answer here is the person who paid no attention at all. Why? Well, Bush expanded Medicare with part D while claiming to be a fiscal conservative.

There you have it, I support rational absolutely ignorance over rational speech listening only ignorance.

I mean how else are we going to stop the Barack Obamas and the Nancy Pelosis of the world from talking about a bill that hasn’t been finalized… I mean you wouldn’t trust a car salesman who had never seen the car, would you?



How much is your vote worth?

Now I realize that this was in the news a while back, but I think it is important to discuss.

People were outraged to hear that some NYU students would give up their right to vote in this next election for an IPOD.

And half would renounce their vote for one million dollars…

To examine this further lets look at the economic equation of how much a vote is worth…

Returns of Voting = Probability of your vote changing the election X (net expected benefits of your candidate winning) – Cost of Voting + Civic Pride

Some economist believe that it is rational not to vote. A term we call “rational ignorance.”

Considering that at best 40% of Americans vote and half of them would sell it for 1 million that still leave 10% of people that won vote. This is of course assuming that none of the people that vote would deviate to the other side and take a million.

Now the interesting turn to this is that as each person takes that million dollars, even though in America it would take a lot of money to tap in that 40%, your equation would change and the odds that your vote would change the election would go up.

Then your price might go up. What it would be would be impossible to tell.

Just remember the people that would be left are the special interest groups and nationalist because voting means a lot more to them in benefits from candidates and civic pride respectively.

Would the rich go first or last? First, there time is worth a lot more than the poor but then again one million dollars may not mean as much to them.


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