Cuba’s Revolutionary Task

Today marked the 50th anniversary of Fidel Castro taking power and turning Cuba upside down. Since then the United States has had an embargo on Cuban goods. Some, like yours truely, argue that it has done nothing to bring down Castro. With the new administration, we can hope that there will be a change in policy towards the Cuban nation. This is so that we can put tourists and investment in this country, lifting people out of poverty and showing them what Capitalism is all about. Of course, many Cubans already know as many flee here all the time. This from the International Herald Tribune, which is a good story to sum up the last 50 years.

“Four months after they appeared in the waters between Havana and Miami, the four dead men remain nameless. At a morgue in the Florida Keys, they lie on stretchers stacked like bunk beds, their bodies chewed by sharks, their faces too putrified to be recognized.

The police suspect they were Cuban rafters. Nilda García thinks one of them might be her son – and the thought makes her weep. Fourteen years after she left Cuba on her own makeshift boat, she finds herself wondering once again: When will it end?

“How many mothers are going through this?” García said in an interview at her daughter’s apartment here as she awaited DNA results on the bodies. “How many more are crying for their losses? How many young people have drowned in this sea? How many?”

Fifty years ago on Thursday, many Cubans cheered when Fidel Castro seized power in Havana, and even now, the revolution attracts many fans – as evidenced by a Canadian tour agency advertising trips “to celebrate five decades of resilience.”

But the bodies speak to a different legacy. Here in South Florida, where roughly 850,000 Cubans have settled over the years, repeated waves of painful exile and family separation define the Castro era.”

We as Americans get too used to our living standard and government. These people fight and risk their lives for freedom, while we continue to elect those who move us closer and closer to socialism.


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